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Research and Development focus of PerzPektive

The ZIM-Network PerzPektive focuses on the needs of people with impairments in their perception. The network consists of partners from the industry and research, which develop in joint research and development projects innovative technical soft- and hardware solutions to counteract the stigmatization of this target group. The goal is to enable affected people to live a self-determined life. The focus of the research network is to develop according aids. These utensils shall enable people with disabilities to use systems which have been developed for people without impairments. An additional emphasis of the network lies on the development and cross-linkage of complex technical tools, which shall supplement existing systems. The notion of innovative solutions and concepts are another goal of PerzPektive. The idea is to assist people with one or more types of disabilities, regardless of the type and the degree of impairment, as well as their age. These assistance systems shall be open to as many people with as different impairments as possible, as to offer them an access to the world, which is so natural to people without impairments.

PerzPektive is supported by the Meyer-Hentschel Institute, which has enabled the project members to experience impairments at first hand using their age simulation suit, AgeExplorer. The AgeExplorer simulates impairments of perception and mobility, which stem from age or disabilities and sensitizes the wearer of their impact on everyday life.