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PerzPektive is a research and development network promoted by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, BMWi) within its funding program ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand, The Central Innovation Programme for SMEs).


AIT is the biggest non-university research facility in Austria and is one of the research facilities in Europe which specializes in central infrastructural topics of the future. As an Ingenious Partner of the economy and public facilities, AIT researches and develops technologies, methods and tools of tomorrow for the innovations of the future. (research facility)
Research Facilities
Logo Awesome Developers


Awesome Developers is specialized in the development of big systems for clouds and mobile applications. The company has know-how in the field of integration of applications from third-parties and development of own APIs, back-end systems and single page front-end applications. (SME)


DORUCON – DR. RUPP CONSULTING GmbH is specialized in the innovation consulting of small and medium sized technology oriented enterprises. The provided services include coaching, analysis, project- and innovation management, conceptual and methodological consulting and the execution of workshops. DORUCON is authorized from the go-innovativ program to consult and is certified by TÜV-Süd in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 standards for the field of innovation consulting. (network management)
Network Management


FastPart Kunststofftechnik (plastics technology) is a company from the model making/rapid prototyping and vacuum casting industry. Newest technology enables to offer the customers a full service from the idea to the prototype or even the low volume production. The deliverables from FastPart reach from the CAD-construction up to the production of low volume batches. (SME)

HS Düsseldorf

Die HS Düsseldorf, Arbeitsgruppe Mixed Reality und Visualisierung bietet als F&E-Spezialist im Bereich Applikationsentwicklung, Visualisierung und Medienproduktion sowie Design Thinking langjährige Erfahrung in Forschungsmethoden, aktuellen IT- und Medientechnologien sowie in der interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit. Ein Schwerpunkt ist die Kombination virtueller und realer Inhalte in Echtzeit, die Entwicklung einer methodischen Grundlage für werteorientierte Systemgestaltung und nutzerzentrierte Entwicklung innovativer Mensch-Technik Interaktion. Dabei sind vertiefte Kenntnisse im Bereich Mensch-Technik-Interaktion bzw. Creative Health vorhanden, insbesondere bei der Entwicklung multimedialer Unterstützung für Menschen mit multiplen Einschränkungen und partizipative Ansätze im Co-Design. Die HSD hat bereits erfolgreich mit Partnern aus den Bereichen Gesundheitswirtschaft und Kreativwirtschaft gearbeitet und sieht sich im Netzwerk als Ansprechpartner und verbindendes Element zwischen den Bereichen Gesundheitswesen / Pflege, IT-Technologie und Kreativwirtschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Mensch-Technik-Interaktion.
Research Facilities


The Fraunhofer institute for digital media technology (IDMT) conducts user oriented research in the field of audio-visual media and is a competent partner of the economy for developing future oriented technologies for digital media environment. Goal of the Oldenburg project group listening-, speech and audio technology is to utilize scientific insights of the auditory perception of the regular and of the impaired hearing for the technological applications. (research facility)
Research Facilities


Das IHP ist ein Forschungsinstitut der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, dessen Forschungsschwerpunkt auf innovativen Lösungen für die Funk- und Breitbandkommunikation liegt. Durch Kompetenzen in Materialforschung, Halbleitertechnologie, Schaltkreisentwurf und Systementwicklung verfügt das IHP über eine geschlossene Innovationskette vom Siliziumprozess bis zum Prototyping.
Research Facilities


The IPMS stands for international top notch applied research and development in the field of photonic microsystems, micro system technology and wireless micro systems. In all major markets, such as IT and communication technology, consumer goods, automotive engineering, semiconductor, metrology and medical engineering there can the innovative processes and products developed by the IPMS be found. (research facility)
Research Facilities


The Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe is a non-profit organization which main competencies lay in emergency services, disaster management and social services. For this the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe develops measures to enable people to an autonomous life, such offers include care phone and diverse assisted living offers. (research facility)
Research Facilities


LAVAlabs Moving Images is an innovative and creative studio for movie, visual effects, animation and motion graphics. We realize movies, digital media and interactive installations for trade shows, events and showrooms in our locations in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Berlin. Due to our broad network we are agile, innovative and interdisciplinary. Every task is different and so are our solutions. (SME)


SNOM is one of the pioneers in the voice-over-IP industry (VoIP) and is the biggest German provider in this area. The company develops and produces VoIP-phones for corporate communication, which is based on an open standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). (SME)


VerbaVoice is the Europe-wide first technology- and service company to offer linguistic accessibility via live-text and sign language collimation in real time, which can mobile and flexible be applied. The company offers online interpreter services for educational, events, media & TV and online consulting purposes. (SME)


WertelOberfell is specialized on the development of innovative designs. The main focus of the company lies on the deployment of new technologies and manufacturing techniques such as the 3D-printing. Another focus lies on the design of computer-aided design. (SME)