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New partner in network PerzPektive

The network PerzPektive is happy to announce its newest member!
With the admittance of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf to the network, PerzPektive has gained an additional partner with competences in the field of Mixed Reality and Visualizing.

Prof. Dr. Christian Geiger, who has already attended the kick-off meeting in the mid of May in Berlin, adds technical competency as well as practical experience into the project. Especially in project parts which include 3D, virtual and augmented reality as well as multimedia the network will profit from his knowledge and experience. In the past year Mr. Geiger has functioned as a mentor of a thesis which has discussed the simulation of age with IT-technology and the corresponding visual and sonic impairments. With this, Mr. Geiger and the working group “Mixed reality and visualization in media”will be a very welcome addition to the network.


Hochschule Düsseldorf


You are interested in the network PerzPektive or you would like to join? Please contact us.

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